What If This Is Heaven?: How Our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth

What If This Is Heaven?: How Our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth

Following her near-death experience as shared in the New York Times bestseller Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani knows well the truths that exist beyond common knowledge and acceptance. The clarity she has gained has led her to further understand who she was born to be.

Part of that truth has involved contemplating the cultural myths infused into our everyday lives. Passed down from generation to generation, these myths are pervasive and influential. From the belief we reap what we sow to the idea we must always be positive, cultural myths are often accepted as truths without questioning. Moorjani asserts it is now time for questioning in order to help us reach our fully informed, authentic selves.

Moorjani explores these common myths in their real-world existence while presenting examples from her own life that reveal the falsehoods beneath the surface. By freeing ourselves from these ubiquitous expectations, we can break open an honest pathway to life as it was meant to be lived.


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  1. This book is full of anecdotes from real life that are really helpful. Anita writes each chapter to show a different situation and possible ways to understand and deal with them. She also has tips and ideas to close each chapter. This is a great way to learn. This is what I’ve been waiting for as a follow-up to her first book – how to live your life with the wisdom gained from an NDE or epiphany. I highly recommend it!

  2. I was so excited when I seen Anita had a new book coming out, and I pre ordered it right away. I was not dissapointed this book was just so calming to me to read. She just has a genuine warmth about her and I feel her as being a very authentic person. I loved her honesty in this book and I loved the part about just being yourself and not feeling like a failure if you have negative thoughts just means we are human it’s a part of life we experience. I just feel she is very genuine. Thank you Anita this book was amazing.

  3. I really LOVED Anita Moorjani’s first book, Dying to be Me, and when I found out she had a new book in the works, I was somewhat afraid it could not possibly live up to the magnificence of her first book. I needn’t have worried. Her new book, What if This is Heaven, takes the reader on another fabulous journey of transcendence and offers an added dive into the rich insights and lessons offered by Dying to be Me!

    In her new book, Anita takes the cultural myths most of us live by–myths that we think help us create happiness–and turns them inside out to show how they actually inhibit our sense of wellbeing and keep us stuck in patterns of unhappiness. From the expanded, transcendent state of her near-death experience, she realized that ideas such as the “virtue” of self sacrifice, our health-care systems, the notion of “coincidence,” karmic or cosmic justice, suppression of the ego, and many other cultural icons of belief, actually keep us mired in behaviors and concepts that ultimately kill our joy and that of the people around us.

    As a gifted writer and natural-born philosopher, Anita takes poignant, everyday experiences and anecdotes, and delves into the stories of the people she meets on her life journey. She shows how wide-spread beliefs and practices weigh them down and keep them in a state of sorrow and misery. She then explodes the myths underlying their unhappiness and shows how to change life from a living hell, to a more heavenly state here…and now. Each chapter of myth-debunking insights is followed by questions, tips and exercises to help the reader break old patterns and beliefs, and form new ones based on “heaven-creating” thoughts and behaviors.

    I highly recommend What if This is Heaven and can’t wait to give it to all my friends and family members!

  4. This is one of those books I wish had been around for when I was going through middle school, high school, college, etc. The message rings so true with my soul, but no other book has managed to word it in such a pure way that is easy to digest. When I first saw each chapter listed by the popularly held belief system, I was unsure that every chapter would pertain to me. I was so wrong. Every single chapter has a valuable (and relatable) lesson. It has even helped me experience feelings of self-forgiveness for something I did 10 years ago that I still haven’t let myself off the hook for! (And I’ve read plenty of books on forgiveness). Anita Moorjani, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful perspective with the world.

  5. Just finished listening to this jewel of a book. Anita’s voice is soft and it really makes you feel like you are listening to a friend who is sharing her ideas with no trace of judgement but with lots of compassion.
    Every chapter brings a beautiful message, love yourself, speak your mind, be your true self and never base a decision on fear, trust your instincts. Some will read this and think we’ll all that has been said before and I will say: not this wAy. I will be receiving the book today and can’t wait to go back and highlight and review parts that I want to incorporate in my life. Loved it and love Anita for sharing this beautiful message. Namaste!

  6. In What if this is Heaven, Anita takes the reader on a journey showing us how our conditioning, cultural beliefs and social mores will influence how we respond to life. Pressure from our peers and society in general often makes us feel less than, unworthy inadequate and unloved. Anita tells us we are all worthy of being loved unconditionally just for being who we are and without having to earn that love.

    At the end of each chapter, Anita gives us keys and insights to unlocking the secrets to a more fulfilling life. She shows us how to integrate the truths that she brought from the other side of the veil into our daily existence. What if this is Heaven is definitely an education for living as we come to realise we can have heaven here on earth right now. Thank you Anita for upliftng the consciousness of humanity.

  7. I listened to the audio book while I’m waiting for the hard copy. “What If This is Heaven” 3 times already. I will not give any of it away for those who didn’t read it yet. All I can say my anticipation and expatiation on reading it came to a complete halt. How could it be anywhere as good as “Dying to Be Me? Well, I am blown away. It is absolutely wonderful. A different side of Anita’s journey through life now. I LOVE it and I love her! Thank you Anita.

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