Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia

Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia

350 stitch patterns you'll use again and again

Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia gives you quick visual access to a comprehensive collection of stitch combinations that enable you to create your own designs or modify existing patterns with ease. Each stitch is accompanied by a full-color photo and diagram to make learning even easier, while sidebars guide you through tricky parts of various stitch patterns.

knit and purl patterns • ribs • bobbles and textured stitches • slipstitch patterns • twist-stitch patterns • cables • drop-stitch, eyelet, and lace patterns • borders and edgings • color knitting patterns


  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Visual; 1 edition (October 18, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1118018958
  • ISBN-13: 978-1118018958
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.9 x 9.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars See all reviews (98 customer reviews)
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  1. (Full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Wiley to review on my blog.)

    I’m a big fan of Knitting VISUAL Quick Tips by Sharon Turner, and I have come to expect that Wiley’s VISUAL imprint will have great step-by-step photos. As with the Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer), Knitting Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia instead assumes the reader has the basics down, so don’t expect to see those photos or illustrations.

    The book is organized into ten chapters: Knit and Purl Patterns; Rib Patterns; Bobbles and Textured Stitches; Slipstitch Patterns; Twist-Stitch Patterns; Cable Patterns; Drop-stitch, Yarn Overs, Eyelet, and Lace; Borders and Edgings; Creative Stitches and Combinations; and Color Knitting (which is further subdivided into Stranded Color Patterns, Intarsia Patterns and Motifs, and Color-Slip Patterns). The Appendix includes a key to pattern abbreviations and stitch symbols. The stitch symbols key also includes a description of how to formulate the stitch (e.g., “K3tog on RS: Knit 3 stitches together as 1.”).

    What I like about this book
    The book is well organized, making it easy to find a stitch you liked later.

    Each stitch is photographed in a vibrant swatch and includes both pattern abbreviations and a stitch symbol chart.

    While the stitch guide includes some of the “old faithful” stitch patterns you would expect to find in a knitting stitch guide, there are also some new (to me) combinations.Read more ›

  2. I recently downloaded this to my Kindle. The pictures of the stitches are great and the book is set up wonderfully but I am giving this a 3 star not because of the stitch content (I would actually give it 5 stars for that) but the 3 is because in the Kindle edition of this book the section in the back that has the symbols, their meanings, and how to’s for each one is so small and blurry it is impossible to read them. The text size cannot be changed for this section for some reason (and I have tried to do this on my Kindle, the Kindle app on my phone, and the Kindle app on my tablet) but the text in the rest of the book can be changed. Although I have other hardcover stitch books, I was really interested in having one on the Kindle so I would always have a stitch book with me and this works great for that but you really need to be fluent in the chart symbols and how to do all of them.

  3. I have found this book to be very helpful to look up unfamiliar stitches while reading patterns new patterns. The only thing missing?? An alphabetical index of the stitches. Its rather painful to have to look at the 7 pages of table of contents and look at all the stitch names to find the one you want. I just find it hard to believe that a reference book such as this does not have an index.

  4. It’s a nice book, it has all the different patterns you choose. The reason I give it 1 star, because there are mistakes in these patterns. I was knitting “enclosed cable”, and I could not understand why the pattern didn’t work. And after a long google and youtube research, I found out that the pattern was saying for 3-st LPC: Sl next st to cn and hold at front, k2 from left needle, p1 from cn. When it is actually: Sl next 2 sts to cn and hold at front, p1 from left needle, k2 from cn. IT IS A HUGE MISTAKE! It is not worth the money, especially if I have to waste my time googling the stitches.

  5. I wanted a stitch dictionary that I could use on my iPad. This one is great. The color pictures are beautiful, the instructions are easy to follow and it will be great to use while I am knitting overseas later this month! I use it in the Kindle app for iPad and it works great!

  6. Most of the stitches in this book appear in other stitch pattern books, like the Walker Treasuries, Harmony Guides, or Vogue Stitchionary series, for example. If you have a lot of other stitch books, you’ll probably want to pass on this one. If you are a new knitter and don’t have any (or very few stitch books), then you will probably like this book.

  7. Whether you’re a beginning knitter or an experienced one, this book is an invaluable reference for learning new patterns and stitches. I almost bought another book, but I wanted one that I could use on my Kindle Fire. No need to worry about turning pages or keeping the book open with having it on the KF. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The photographs were beautiful. I only wish all stitch dictionaries were written so well with such clear pictures.

    Note to other publishers: think about offering your books for the Kindle. There are many of us who prefer buying e-books, especially instructional books.

  8. Great book for beginners. Love the easy to understand instruction and illustrations. I would recommend this to others who are trying to learn knitting on their own.

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