Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance

Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance

From best-selling Native American writer Joseph M. Marshall III comes an inspirational guide deeply rooted in Lakota spirituality.

When a young man’s father dies, he turns to his sagacious grandfather for comfort. Together they sit underneath the family’s cottonwood tree, and the grandfather shares his perspective on life, the perseverance it requires, and the pleasure and pain of the journey. Filled with dialogues, stories, and recollections, each section focuses on a portion of the prose poem “Keep Going” and provides commentary on the text.

Readers will draw comfort, knowledge, and strength from the Grandfather’s wise words—just as Marshall himself did.



  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Sterling Ethos; Reprint edition (March 3, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402766181
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402766183
  • Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.2 x 7 inches
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    “[This book] began as a simple one-page text. That text was a consequence of my family enduring difficult times. During those days and months of difficulty, I recalled the advice given to me by my grandparents…I recalled my childhood with my maternal grandparents, and their influence on me–which is considerable. I recalled most often the conversations I had with my maternal grandfather…This [book] is based on their insights, their experiences, their love, and their wisdom.”

    The above is found in this slim but inspirational book by Joseph M. Marshall III, a Sicangu Lakota. He is an author, historian, educator, motivational speaker, and Lakota craftsman.

    The entire book is in the form of a conversation between young Jeremy and his grandfather (named “Old Hawk”). The conversation occurs because Jeremy’s father dies and so he turns to his grandfather asking him the complex question that titles this review. Old Hawk answers this question by sharing his perspective on life, “the art of perseverance” it requires, and the pleasure and pain of life’s journey.

    At the beginning of the book are two untitled pages. Initially, I was confused by this until I started reading the book. These two pages (where each paragraph begins with “Grandfather says this”) are keyed to each chapter and have the MAIN bits of wisdom that Old Hawk passes on to Jeremy. These two untitled pages are repeated again at the end of the book.

    Don’t think that you can read only these two untitled pages and get full value from this book! Each chapter is actually packed with wisdom and advice. In fact, one chapter has “the secret of life” from Old Hawk’s perspective!Read more ›

  2. It took me only a little over an hour to read this superb book. John Marshall has shared wisdom learned from Old Hawk. His metaphorical storytelling is amazing. Everyone on my Christmas list received either a copy of this book or the audio CD. What a treat!

  3. This is a great book. The lessons are real and true. If it really talks to you, maybe you should share it with you kids.

  4. In this parable, a young man grieving over the death of his father turns to his grandfather, Old Hawk, for answers. Old Hawk attempts to answer his grandson’s questions regarding life’s hardships and challenges through stories culled from the Lakota tradition and his own rich experiences. The book unfolds in his voice as he explains that, without grief and sadness, you cannot truly embrace joy – that is the natural give and take of life. Ultimately, your perseverance and will – the fortitude to take one more step when that step feels overwhelming – will get you through. This simple, spiritual text by Native American Joseph M. Marshall III is rhythmic and soothing in its prose, and inspiring in its content. It is a balm and a comfort. We suggest it to anyone seeking answers to life’s big questions and the wherewithal to “keep going.”

  5. Since I came down with Wegener’s disease, very rare and very serious. I have had bouts of self pity and depression; along with a full list of other emotions. When I ordered this book I was not really clear what it was really about. It was a great help to me, especially in the self pity department. It’s not just one of those self help books,it’s more than that. I highly recommend it.I’ve been on the red road for a couple of years now and this is just one of many books that I found very nice. “The dance house” is wonderful as well as several by Ed McGaa and others by Marshall.

  6. As a college history instructor, I have found the secret called Joseph Marshall III. I have read several of his works and they are all astounding. I just recently listened to the audio version of “Keep Going; The Art of Perseverance” for the second time. It is a moving piece and truly a pleasant surprise listening to Mr. Marshall’s insight. This is an amazing insight into a self-effacing and humble elder and what he has to share. I personally thank Mr. Marshall for sharing his wisdom with me and countless others. One cannot go wrong in reading any of his works. He is an excellent writer and more importantly, he is a definitive and in-depth thinker.

  7. A dear friend of mine lent this book to me during the last week of my boyfriends life on this earth. I read it while sitting with my sweetheart at the hospice residence. I am still at a loss for words when I describe the comfort, peace, and understanding that came over me while my sweetheart left this earth. In fact, I was so touched by the book that I decided to buy a copy to leave in the Hospice Library in Richard’s name in the hopes of comforting others who share my experience.

  8. Such simple and easy advise given that it makes one realy think about how to make it work today. Not tomorrow but today. Loved it!!!!

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