Biochemistry For Dummies

Biochemistry For Dummies

Grasp biochemistry basics, apply the science, and ace your exams

Are you baffled by biochemistry? If so here’s the good news ? you don’t have to stay that way! Biochemistry For Dummies shows you how to get a handle on biochemistry, apply the science, raise your grades, and prepare yourself to ace any standardized test.

This friendly, unintimidating guide presents an overview of the material covered in a typical college-level biochemistry course and makes the subject easy to understand and accessible to everyone. From cell ultrastructure and carbohydrates to amino acids, proteins, and supramolecular structure, you’ll identify biochemical structures and reactions, and send your grades soaring.

  • Newest biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and scientific discoveries
  • Updated examples and explanations
  • Incorporates the most current teaching techniques

From water biochemistry to protein synthesis, Biochemistry For Dummies gives you the vital information, clear explanations, and important insights you need to increase your understanding and improve your performance on any biochemistry test.


  • Paperback: 360 pages
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 2 edition (August 9, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1118021746
  • ISBN-13: 978-1118021743
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.7 x 9.3 inches
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  • Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars See all reviews (69 customer reviews)
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  1. I sat down with this book tonight, opened the first page and immediately see an error! Further investigation into the contents show more incorrect information. After using Klein’s Organic Chemistry as a Second Language series for organic chemistry, this book is a HUGE let down in terms of writing style and in terms of how error-prone it seems to be. I am very disappointed.

  2. Did anyone review this book before it was published? The lack of arrows in the reactions, the labeling of two valines in the “cheat sheet,” the structure of one of the valines is the same as the isoleucine, and leucine is left out. The book also mentions that mRNA for translation is directed to the mitochondria…a little confused on that one.

    Overall, the book is a good review for those needing to refresh, but full of typos and stupid errors.

  3. The chapters of this book coincides exactly with my biochemistry textbook. Not only that, but every section I’ve read so far has been addressed. This book will likely cover all your biochemistry topics in your own textbook.

    This doesn’t go into much detail so I would not substitute this for an actual textbook but it does clear up major points and summarizes a lot of things nicely. Also, I really liked the figures in the book to help illustrate the points. They were simple figures and not too hard to understand, like some that are in textbooks (you know what I mean). Topics are organized and the layout was very easy to read.

    I find reading the sections in this book before proceeding into my textbook helps me understand my textbook a lot more. I also find this helpful for review before exams. You may not think so, but this is a great price for the number of pages it has.

  4. Do not buy this book! It says on the cover “a reference for the rest of us”. What a joke, this book is filled with elementary errors. I mean, the authors should look at the book at least once before dedicating it to “my wife”, “my mother”, “my sons”, etc. 😉 I bought the book yesterday. Opened on “ATP: The body’s monetary system” (chapter 13). In about 15 minutes of casual reading I found 5 error. Common authors, it will be great that you read it once.
    Among errors

    – Figure 13-1. Glycolysis. ATP is produced not consumed in 2 and 9 step of the second phase of glycolysis. This is the whole point of glycolysis! It says correctly in the text, but the figure is wrong. And the authors ask people to return frequently to the this figure! ;-0

    – page 199 first sentence, it should be not “… transfer of a phosphate group from C-2 to C-3”, but the other way around.

    – page 201, on the bottom right of the page, chemical formula and structure of Ethanol (!) is given incorrectly. Common authors, get some basic Biochemistry TextBook and learn the formula for ethanol. Or just hire a good undergraduate student for 20 $ an hour to proof-read your error-filled “guide for the rest of us”.

    3 GROSS errors in 15 minutes, I would never read this book again!

  5. The book and content is excellent. However, upon translating the text to an electronic format symbols like reaction arrows and equilibrium arrows appear as boxes. This is extremely inconvenient and causes confusion about certain biochemical processes

  6. This is a really nice beginners book giving a highlevel overview of biochemistry with enough detail to make it technically useful. You can come up to speed quickly on the major topics. And its very affordable.

    The kindle version is buggy, at least on a kindle fire hd. For instance, you cannot highlight any word(s) on the top line of the page. And the highlights do not sync with any other kindle devices. This is the only kindle book I have that will not sync.

    Would give the book itself 4 stars, but downgraded due to the poor kindle quality.

  7. Quality was great.
    Product was great.
    Book was phenomenal.
    Saved me in biochem that semester. Highly recommend for anyone taking a college level bio chemistry course.

  8. I had looked at a library copy of this and saw the missing reaction arrows and held off on buying it. I finally did buy it just to get an introduction.

    In the second printing (NOT second edition) the reaction arrows are present – though they are shown as two double-headed arrows rather than the standard two single headed arrows.

    But errors remain. For example, the formulas for valine and isoleucine inside the front cover are wrong. They have too many hydrogens on one of the carbon atoms. I don’t know how many more of these there are.

    It’s really not a bad book but the errors drive me nuts.

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